Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zombies Need Love Too...

Anyone who knows me knows of my penchant for the odd and macabre. It even eclipses my love of good film. Perhaps it comes from years of researching death and disasters. Yet when the two subjects are combined, you generally have my undivided attention.

Gore isn't typically my taste. But in some settings, you simply can't avoid it. Zombies, for example. An undead corpse is bound to have a certain level of grotesqueness. Besides, they're not exactly carrot-munching vegans.

From the warped mind of Bruce LaBruce comes a film most of you may not have even heard of, released this year: Otto; or Up With Dead People. Once again, I have a chance to mention gay zombies.

It's the tale of a zombie named Otto with a bad case of amnesia. He makes his way to Berlin, ends up in an independent film, and slowly begins remembering his former life... and his boyfriend. As is often the case with German film, it is quite dark and unusual. I'm not quite sure how to label this creation, though avant garde is quite close.

There is some humor to be found in its poetry if you have as demented of a mind as I do. Check out the trailer, if you dare...

Note: This is the edited trailer, since there have been attempts to censor it on YouTube.

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