Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buy Your Own Bottled Spirits?

Most of us prefer to buy bottled spirits at a liquor store. But now, you can buy a different form of bottled spirits online.

Jon Deese of St. Augustine, Florida is selling bottles. What's in them? Well, ghosts... or so he claims. He says he contracts with "ghost catchers" from around the country who catch spooks in bottles which he offers on his website, Ghost in a Bottle.

"They’ll go in and catch them from haunted establishments, cars, hotels, maybe even graveyards," says Deese.

How do they get them in there? That's a good question... and not one that Deese is willing to elaborate on. But he does tell his customers to open them at their own risk. While some say it makes for a nice conversation piece, others have claimed unusual activity when they opened the bottle.

Twenty dollars for a haunting? Surely it's a bargain price.


Cullan Hudson said...

If this is done with a wink and a nudge, a la pet rocks, then I think it is wonderful and should be on the shelves of your local Spencer's Gifts or Hot Topic. However, if he claims these are "real" ghosts, then he could be in hot water on two fronts. Spiritualists might take offense at the entrapment of disincarnate souls and the legal system might have a thing or two to say about his business, which could be skirting the law. After all, how do you "prove" you have just sold a person a ghost?

Anonymous said...

I guess that goes along with the "air guitar" that was sold a long time ago on ebay. People will buy anything anymore. I read about this in the news and though it was hilarious. Who knows, maybe he was smoking the same stuff Amy was.

Buck said...

"...others have claimed unusual activity when they opened the bottle."

Bet they got pictures of orbs! :)

As my Daddy used to say, "Some people have more money than they've got good sense."

Why $20 would buy, oh, 5 gallons of gas!