Friday, May 9, 2008

Low Mortgage, High Spirits...

In the market for a new home? Looking for that unique one with curb appeal? Historical interest?


You may want to think twice before saying 'no' to the latter. In fact, haunted houses and properties known to be "stigmatized" could be quite a bargain of you're in the market for a new lot.

Often, they are broken down into two categories: physically damaged (i.e. underground sinkholes, eroding coastline, etc.) where the house might be in tact yet faces imminent danger and psychologically damaged (i.e. ghosts, murder sites, etc.) where the past might be erased but something just isn't quite right with the atmosphere. Laws regarding disclosure vary from region to region, so you might not know until after the fact.

Or if the house is a steal.

If you do find a bargain, don't be afraid to ask about its history. Some agents might be honest enough to mention anything unsavory. And feel free to do your own research on the property. Don't think it's that easy? Just contact your county auditor or local government and faster than you can say "foreclosure", you'll have at least a basic history of your home. Archives and libraries contain a fount of research and information, just waiting for you to discover it.

Or, you could take the easier approach: check out the Haunted Real Estate Blog! you never know what you might stumble across on there!

But remember, if a house is a bargain, you might find yourself with an extra roommate who won't be leaving any time soon...


Chris said...

I was looking at a house in Akron that I felt was haunted to buy with my one ex. So that would have been interesting. It was a beautiful 3 story house with all the natural woodwork and wood flooring. Built in 1910 Huge Huggs!

Anonymous said...

I heard once that the relators had to tell you if the house is haunted (if you ask). The when I went looking for a house, that isn't the case. I guess depends where you are.

Cullan Hudson said...

I would actually love to own a "haunted" house (by fact or reputation, either would be fine) and I love those grand dame homes of yesteryear. In fact, watching HGTV yesterday, I nearly threw something at the TV when they planned on giving a stately Victorian a mod, fabulous kitchen. It was like taking the designers of Austin Power's love pad and setting them loose on the Palace at Versailles. Grrr! :-(