Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Deathly Drab and Ghoulishly Gay?

"The closet is no place for a monster..."

If you think there's no room for campy gay humor in comics, you're wrong. Dead wrong.

The Gay Monsters is a web-based comic created by illustrator and flash animator Andy Bauer. It features a host of undead characters from Twinkle Toad Town, including a zombie drag queen, queeny Frankenstein-esque monster, hunky dead stripper, and jealous mummy. It's a unique blend of cute humor and dead people (and the penis-shaped tombstone is a nice touch...).

Though the comic is only a little over a year old, it's still relatively undiscovered, which is a true shame. If you're looking for a little amusing and funny pick me up, be sure to check it out... and visit the MySpace site!

And now for the preview:


Cullan Hudson said...

Very... different. I liked the animation. Sometimes the jokes fell a little flat. I suppose all that improves with time.

Anonymous said...

I actaully thought there cartoons were a bit cute. What will they think of next. :-)

theGayMonsters said...

Hi Ken!

Thanks for blogging about my webcomic. It means a lot to me. Here it is, May '08, and my last update was Oct of '07!

Somehow I let my day job get in the way... LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to make The Gay Monsters a full-time gig one day.

Until then, there is a "newsletter" so be sure to sign-up to get the latest episode in your inbox. That'll be the easiest way to stay TOMBed!

hugz & curses,