Sunday, May 4, 2008

Drink It and Go Straight to Heaven?

Want "clearer focus", "positive thinking", and "a connection to a higher power" every day?

Have a bottle of water. Spiritual Water.

CEO Elicko Taieb has launched the new brand of bottled holy water (filtered municipal water blessed by a priest) with Christian iconic images and prayers on them... for $2.00 per 16.9 ounce bottle.

"Church is on Sundays," said Taieb, "but people need something to help them through the week."

A client-turned-distributor said,"You drink it, and you just feel like you are in church. The pictures are so beautiful. You look at them and read the prayer, and it just feels good."

With an $11 billion bottled water market in America, there is always room for another angle.

But Taieb insists it's not all about the money. "We are trying to connect people with God, not take advantage of people.'' The company donates 10% of the profits to charity.

At least it sounds better than being a television Evangelist...


Buck said...

And they make a handy dandy item if you run into those pesky demons! Just douse them with your drink and Boom! no more demons! Cool!

Anonymous said...

2 things come to mind. I drink it and my throat will literlaly start to burn. The other is, why didn't I think of that. Buy some bottles, throw tap water into them and put a cool jesus picture on the front. $2.00 a bottle, any crazy christian person will buy them. Advertise it will free your sins day to day with one drink. Drink enough and by pass getting up early for chruch. LOL