Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Right to Bear Wands...

Even though jails are better known for taking away the rights of criminals, they still allow the convicts to practice their religious beliefs. Church services are offered around the world... and now, prisoners in England who aren't Christian might be able to practice their beliefs.

The Pagan Federation was consulted, which resulted in a ruling enabling Pagan prisoners some religious freedoms. They can now wear ceremonial robes, use runes, and even make their own magic wands from twigs found on prison grounds. Each "religious artefact" is subject to "risk accessment", meaning there are some limits.

Obviously, ceremonial knives and torches are strictly forbidden.

Prison hospitals are even allowing fellow Pagans to visit inmates, offering prayers, healing stones, and small rituals to aid his or her recovery. They are also permitted small gods and goddesses to have at their bedside.

Honestly, I'm shocked this notion hasn't been brought up years ago. Though I'm not sure just how wise it is to give sticks to inmates.

Shiv fights can now be replaced by twig fights... which might work out better than those beatings with Jesus soap on a rope...


Cullan Hudson said...

Jesus Soap on a rope!


You feel Jesus in you boy?! Huh?!


Anonymous said...

OMG lol, that is just wrong. Very true though. They let all the other religions be practiced, hey why not pagan.