Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fortunes, Forecasts,... and Homoscopes...

What do the stars hold in store for you?

Even though most of us take astrology with a grain of salt and treat it solely as a source of entertainment, it can be quite a fascinating pseudo-science. Most of us would like to believe there is some order to the cosmos as well as our own lives. Yet traditional horoscopes seem to lack that one thing: a gay slant.

Believe it or not, there have been many gay and lesbian astrologers over the years. And I'm not talking about Miss Cleo.

Still today, you can find them anywhere on the web. One of the best resources is AstroQueer. It's a free site jam-packed full of anything and everything astrology-related for the GLBT community at large. And then there's Homostrology, another online site featuring gay horoscopes.

Personally, I've been visiting AstroBarry over the past few weeks for a little amusement. He's quite an amusing (and often funny) individual... and his weekly forecasts are certainly worth a read.

And sometimes, a little too uncanny.

Here's a brief excerpt of this week's Aries horoscope. I think it's quite fitting to some parts of my life!

"The jumping-off point from last week's horoscope that I want to begin with is the idea of getting up and walking away, should you find that some shit-stirrer or drama-queen wants to drag you into their shit or drama. The moment you begin to sense traces of a ridiculously irrelevant power struggle brewing, that's your cue to move it along. And why stay put, Aries? With all the people and possibilities out there, there's no real need to overstay your welcome in any one place—particularly if it's just not very friendly. Perpetual social motion is one of your best pals this week, to be sure..."

If you're really into astrology, check out the books Queer Astrology for Menand Queer Astrology for Womenas well...


sammy.the.k said...

posted a story youd probably enjoy

sammy.the.k said...

A real live ghost on camera?

Anonymous said...

I am a little bit into astrology. As far as horiscopes you read on line or in the paper, a bit to general for me.

Wonder Man said...

I will look at my sign