Tuesday, May 13, 2008

...Somewhere in Dreamland Tonight...

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. I can officially say that is true now.

Moments ago, I checked my email. Joel wrote me. This weekend has been particularly rough on him with depression.

Around the same time I experienced the dream mentioned earlier, he was discussing with his boyfriend the idea of coming to the states for an internship or volunteer opportunity next year to see if that could perhaps lift his spirits and lessen his seasonal depression.

I'm not joking.

And I'm honestly speechless.

Now this makes me wonder about the other dreams involving an Australian college campus and relaxing by a small pool in a tiny backyard with him.

Perhaps saying I have no psychic powers was a premature statement....


Buck said...

Dreams can be very interesting things. Michael would tell you that you were in tune with your friend and when asleep were most receptive to his feelings and energy. Apparantly, that's fairly common among the Q'ero whom he studied with in Peru.

I've had a few like that in my life. I remember dreaming that a cousin was pregnant once. I never mentioned it to anyone because I thought it was an idiotic dream. Come to find out - she was even though I'd not seen her in a couple years. It was out of wedlock and she was trying to keep it quiet.

Who knows how or why things like that happen or work, but it keeps life interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes creepy, but at the same time I have had experience where I dreamt about it first. On the factor of Joel thought (not that I would love to see him come to the states and make you happy) but if he is trying to fix his seasonal depression, he is better off there. It only gets worse here. Alot nicer weather there then here.