Friday, May 16, 2008

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

In 1966, Hedviga Golik of Zagreb, Croatia went home, fixed herself a cup of tea, and sat down in front of her black and white television for an evening of analog entertainment.

That was the last time anyone saw her. Until this week.

Neighbors assumed she had moved. No family members called upon her. It seemed as though she had simply vanished, and a missing persons report was filed.

Recently, her apartment's ownership was brought into question. No one knew who it belonged to. Police went to the property and broke in. There, they found the mummified remains of Hedviga, still sitting in her chair in front of the TV. Her body had remained in the same spot where she expired for nearly 42 years.

Police are dumbfounded. "So far we have no idea how it is possible that someone officially reported missing so long ago was not found before in the same apartment she used to live in," said a spokesman.

That's comforting.


Chris said...

Our friendly police dept at work, its so nice to see what our tax dollars actually buy these day lol Wow, what a horrible discovery. I wonder what she died of? Maybe she was still waiting for that emergency call she placed with the police dept hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

To bad Life Alert wasn't around at the time. That is so sad and freaky on how long it took for anyone to notice!!!

Cullan Hudson said...

It's almost too fantastical. No one looked in on her, including the police? Weird that someone had the presence of mind to say she's missing but not look for her at home? And then no one else lives in the apartment for all those years? If it weren't for the whole lack of hiding the body thing, one might suspect foul play. Of course, if the police and family don't bother to come a-knockin' then hiding in plain sight seems a sensible course of action for a killer.