Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Haunting Turned Landmark...

If you have ever watched the movie "An American Haunting", you are probably familiar with the Bell Witch.

This tale first started back in 1817 near the town of Adams, Tennessee. The Bell family reported many strange, paranormal events which were allegedly perpetrated by a witch who placed a curse on the family for previous wrongs done unto her. The "curse" lasted until the 1930s and claimed the lives of several family members. It was believed to be the work of Kate Batts, a local who was accused of witchcraft.

I wonder... why didn't they simply hang a witch ball in the window?

Now, the location where the witch was first spotted, Bell Witch Cave, has officially been declared a National Historic Site. Approximately 17,000 people visit the cave every year in hopes of catching a glimpse of the witch's apparition.

Many researchers and historians disbelieve the legend and find faults in the tale. Others surmise that it was a case of poltergeist activity, where the depression and stress of adolescent Lucy Bell caused psychokinetic manifestations in the household. Still, it remains one of the most famous paranormal legends in America.


Wonder Man said...

I remember hearing about this as a kid when I lived in Tennessee. Interesting

Chris said...

Great story and a great legend. Never seen the movie yet but should rent it. Love the blog entry! Huggs!