Thursday, May 15, 2008

Footy Roots, Otherworldly Ambition...

Pop star Robbie Williams may not be the only celebrity with his eyes to the sky.

Saxon Pepper was voted off Big Brother Australia this week. The unemployed 22-year-old truck driver had moved to Adelaide from South Australia shortly before being cast on the show, feeling the need for change in is life. The program has had an impact on him, giving him more perspective on different types of people and teaching him more about diversity.

He even befriended party boy Corey Worthington, known for his infamous MySpace party in Melbourne.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is his interest in the paranormal. He would like to find a way to prove the existence of UFOs and alien life. He even has Roswell tattooed on his arm.

“The idea that there's something else out there just excites me," Pepper told The Age. "People are ignorant if they dismiss it as a silly thought.”

I guess he has plenty of time to do that now...

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