Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Do I Feel About...

I saw this on Shaney's blog and though I might as well throw in my two cents.

How do I feel about:

DISCRIMINATION: Many of my friends who know me know that I'm very anti-discrimination of all sorts. Sure, I have made a few jokes here and there about different people, but it is all meant in good fun and doesn't target any one group or minority. I believe strongly in equality, even when it seems like an uphill battle. People are people, plain and simple. Some may not be brighter, some may look different, and some may have unfair disadvantages, but its their character and insides that truly count.

HOMOPHOBIA: Obviously, I believe it should be abolished. Even milder forms irritate me, like teens calling each other "gay" or "homos" in a derogatory sense. For people to target a group for being different is truly absurd. Besides, psychological studies have shown that "straight men" with homophobic tendencies often are trying to suppress that side of themselves.

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: I am a pacifist, therefore I abhor violence toward anyone. There is never a need for it, especially if the target is more vulnerable. I've never come across a situation that couldn't be handled without fists. If you feel the need to act as a bully, there are probably deeper-rooted issues within yourself that you need to face instead of attacking others.

CIVIL LIBERTIES: Freedom is just a concept: remember that. It constantly needs to be maintained for liberty to exist. A constant threat of oppression lingers over everyone, in every country or city. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. Humankind has a tendency to form a "chain of command" in order to feel empowered and superior, so liberties in all facets of life are in a constant state of flux. That's what makes activism and voicing beliefs such an important part of life.

CHILD ABUSE: Though I never suffered from anything of the sort, I have known many people who have. There is absolutely no call for abusive behavior toward children. Yes, they may be irritating at times, but so are adults. That doesn't give anyone the right to smack another individual, regardless of age. Our childhood is the building blocks to our adult lives. Effecting their growth can create monsters. This makes such crimes a severe issue.

GAY RIGHTS: Very strongly! In college, I worked for organizations promoting gay rights. Though it was a frightening, new experience for me, I don't regret it. Gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and protections as their straight counterparts. A person's sexuality should not effect their employability, housing regulations, or personal freedoms. We are all the same and should be treated as such. So many people work with people of different orientations daily without noticing a difference. If they speak out, attitudes toward them should obviously not change.

Okay, fellow bloggers. Feel free to post this yourself. And let's not all gang up on each other, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Very nicely said!!

Sh@ney said...

Oh you certainly have a way with words my friend...I could not have said it any better, in fact I probably said it quite plainly in comparison. But that is what is wonderful about diversity ey!
Thankyou for taking the time to do this MEME...I love everything you had to say. Well Done! xox