Friday, May 2, 2008

Tuning in to Spooks...

Ghosts are big business. Isn't it time we had a television station devoted entirely to them?

In fact, over in England, that is exactly what's happening.

Yvette Fielding, whom some of you may recognize as that crazy screaming woman from Most Haunted, has launched the Paranormal Channel on Sky. It will become available starting June 9th. But it will go beyond ghosts: programs covering Bigfoot, Loch Ness, UFOs, and other supernatural topics will also be aired.

Hopefully, the satellite station will carry over to other countries, though it is still in the experimental stage. After all, who doesn't like a good spooky story?


Liam said...

I would certainly petition my satellite provider to pick it up.

Then again shouldn't there already be a Law and Order channel? With thousands of hours of them in the can, why not?

Chris said...

I agree, we shaould all have the Paranormal Channel. They seem to have every other channel under the sun, why not a "Ghost " Channel lol Huggs!

Cullan Hudson said...

Total agreement. I hate having everything spread out over the History Channel, Discovery, A&E, etc... Or lumped in with Science Fiction on SciFi, a channel that somehow felt like giving the WWE a home (???).

Ken said...

True, very true. Perhaps we should petition it?

Well, I always thought of pro wrestling as "science fiction" anyway, didn't you? lol