Sunday, April 27, 2008

The (After)Life of the Party...

Another long weekend draws to a close.

Yesterday was the party at Chris' house. As we relaxed with some Heineken, the guests slowly arrived. Pizza, cookies, and snack food were devoured. Games were played. Laughter and good humor were openly shared. And there was cake too!

Apparently, a few people felt that my isolated mood was brought on by my quiet birthday. Though I did enjoy the company of Evelyn and Bill tremendously, I would have liked seeing everyone else. Still, I knew that nothing ever works out to plan. Though the frozen ice cream cake definitely did life my spirits... I won't lie! Even after 10 days of being 29, I didn't mind the remembrance. A few issues and thoughts were hammered out and cleared up, making the mood far brighter than it has been in a while. Seeing many faces of the paranormal group definitely helps boost the camaraderie.

After a late night and a miscalculation in temperature which brought me inside around 4:00 AM (note to self: sleeping on a screened porch isn't wise this early in Ohio), we awoke very early for a comatose breakfast. We all went home to prepare for the other party. I showered, baked oatmeal cookies, and brewed some iced tea before joining Evelyn, her husband, and her son to a friend's house for her son's birthday.

I'll admit, he is full of energy! And he also seems to know how to push buttons very well, but I thought he was a nice boy. Perhaps a little eager for attention, but deep down a good seed. We dined on more pizza and snacks before heading out for some mock battles with padded "swords" (I only watched... especially seeing how forceful her son was!). We made it back for more ice cream cake (chocolate this time) and chatted for a while before we had to leave. Some people had prior plans and many of us were exhausted from the whirlwind of a weekend. I must remember to tell Ben there's no need to be so formal. After 5 years or so, I think we're past handshakes. I'll get a hug some time!

I'm in a chipper mood, though feeling a tad bit old from the fifteenth birthday party. Now more than ever, I'm noticing a bit more of the generation gap. Though I don't feel "old", I know I'm not young anymore! Just realizing that many celebrities I recall are lost on teenagers now makes my age show a little more. Then again, I was familiar with comedians, actors and singers from many generations before my own, so I feel ten times older then the average 29-year-old!

Tonight is an early night for me. I'll get a few things finished and get to sleep well before midnight. Another sign of old age: not being able to stay up late.

Yes, it won't be long now before I'm sitting on that rocking chair on a porch, yelling at the neighborhood ankle-biters for playing on the grass.

Senility, here I come!


Liam said...

Love the Abfab pics! I'd have loved to stay for Laura's party, but it just wasn't feasbile with Chris being unable to spend the interim time with me, so I went home and crashed.

Seriously great weekend though, all things considered!

Chris said...

I was not up there till late anyway so it was not much going on, just a night hike to a location near her house near the unused tracks. So I don't think much was missed. I did miss seeing you and Evie though. but at least my car did not die out when I was in Pennisula Friday night.