Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Phantom Law Enforcement...

No one likes being in a police station. But in the town of Homestead, Pennsylvania, even the officers sometimes have that feeling of dread. Why? Because the station is believed to be haunted.

Everything from footsteps to doors slamming has been experienced inside the building by workers. The door leading to the attic mysteriously opens no matter how many times it is bolted shut. A typewriter has a habit of operating under its own volition. Icy breezes blow through the old cell blocks. Even outside the building, a snow blower recently started up... even though it had no key or battery.

Employees finally want proof that they aren't going insane. They've called in the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society to find evidence of a haunting. They claim to have made a discovery in the boiler room (which happens to be a 'hot spot' for activity), though they are waiting to release their findings at a later date.

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Chris said...

Very interesting, I bet they have a hard time getting guys to work the late shift around there. Unless they give them a "Ghost" Bonus for working the "Graveyard" shift lol Very good article!