Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Reiki Your Yard, Four Dollar!

And another fun night was had at the metaphysical shop. Tonight's topic: Reiki massage.

Chris and I arrived a tad bit late because of traffic issues, but that wasn't a problem. Everyone did a very abbreviated introduction and away we went! A 29-year-old named Mike used us as some extra practice for becoming a third-degree Reiki master. And oh my... he was cute! Maybe 5'7" tall, shaggy light brown hair, a small goatee... nice smile. I was as giddy as a school girl meeting Jessie McCartney for the first time.

Of course, Mike didn't do Reiki on me. I left that to Evelyn. But one of these days, I'd love for him to Reiki me...

Shut up.

It was an interesting experience, though it's the second time I've been through it. It's not your typical massage: it involves movement of energy instead of relaxing muscles. It's different to say the least. We patiently waited as everyone had their turns while the rest of the group meditated and sent and/or absorbed positive energies... which was a convenient excuse for the four of us to try to make each other burst out laughing. I had some strange mental images passing through my mind of each person dancing in a unique-yet-crazy manner, but I felt the humorous atmosphere would be very positive for everyone. A little laughter or snickering in a light-hearted manner never hurt anyone.

Then it was off to Big Boy for a late snack and the four of us to catch up on the latest paranormal group cruddy drama... I mean business. Lots of laughter, some at my own expense for my alcohol-fueled irritability the previous weekend. Apparently, I was angry at one point about Gloria Estephan. I have no idea why. But Bill's constant stream of snide comments were probably the root cause.

Thankfully, I rarely drink. Otherwise, I'm sure I would be more amusing... and not in a pleasant way.

It will be a crazy-yet-interesting weekend, going to the banquet dinner for the bowling league tomorrow night, then a concert in Cleveland by the Blazing River Freedom Marching Band, followed by my early birthday dinner at a restaurant.

Good times, good times...


Buck said...

I love Reiki. Michael is a first degree and it's the only thing that will knock out one of my migraines. I've had some very wonderful sensations when I've had a treatment. But he combines Reiki with techniques he learned in the Andes. It's amazing!

Liam said...

Snide? Me? NEVER! I can't help it if you were gang banged at some point in your past while Gloria Estefan music played in the background. Although I guess that would turn me off to her music too, which is a shame because she has some really great hits.


About Mike I have one thing to say... MANWHORE!!!!

Love you Kenny! Can't wait to see you tonight!

Chris said...

It was a very interesting evening and alot of energy was going around. I know I felt better after having mine done. Mike did a pretty good job on me. I thank you for your energy you sent my way as I really could feel everyones, like a hot blast furnace! Many Warm Huggs!

Anonymous said...

You Reiki my back I'll Reiki yours.