Friday, April 4, 2008

The Nature of the Beast...

Convicted child molester Gene R. Morrill, 57, of Ipswich, NH was sentenced to 20 years behind bars last week for soliciting sex with a minor over the internet. He didn't realize the young boys he was chatting with were actually police detectives from Stafford, Virginia. He also faces similar charges in Prince William County.

During his questioning, a possible explanation for his behavior came out. He was molested as a child himself. Not by a family member or neighbor... by Bigfoot.

Though he was determined to be mentally competent, Morrill remains convinced he was raped by a Sasquatch in his early years. The courts failed to lend a sympathetic ear, though.

Makes me wonder if we should add Bigfoot to the list of sexual predators... but then where would we list for his address?


Chris said...

He must have got his spooge shot at him instead of getting a flaming bag of poo thrown at him from Bigfoot lol

Liam said...

Talk about the ultimate bear! I bet Bigfoot is hung like a moose too...OUCH!