Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Foot Closer to the Grave...

Today, I turned 29.

It has been a decent day thus far. The weather is more pleasant than anticipated by the local news, much to my surprise. I spent part of the morning renewing my state identification, just so Homeland Security won't pester me about having 'my papers'. And so I begin my slow approach to 30, without the risk of being arrested for a lack of identification...

...and unfortunately, without a cake or a stripper... lol

I still don't quite feel older. Then again, I don't necessarily act it either. Most birthdays for me have just been another day. It's not that I'm against the celebratory aspect (sometimes, I seriously am amazed that I've survived life this long), but when you have friends spread out far and wide, one big party just isn't entirely possible.

So far, my life has been interesting... at times tumultuous. Though I often believe I'm boring, I have accomplished much in the past decade. I have been to London; visited Paris twice (though the second time was almost kicking and screaming). I have lived in several cities (including Shreveport, Louisiana) with rather interesting people. I have been on local news several times (and no, not for anything illegal). I inadvertently slept with a celebrity. I wrote and published a book. And above all else, I have made some incredibly wonderful friends along the way.

Of course, it hasn't all been pleasant. The failed suicide attempt years ago which should have killed me. A horrible car accident which I walked away from unscathed. Being on TWA Flight 800 not long before it exploded on takeoff. The loss of a friend to suicide. Losing almost everything I owned twice by moving to a different location. A handful of heartbreaks.

There have been many instances which could have turned me permanently bitter, yet I haven't allowed them. I may rant and rave about life, society, and people, but I still remain optimistic and hopeful.

Where will the coming decade take me? It's uncertain though I do have goals: to see a film I've written made into a movie, to write a few more books, to spend time in Australia and maybe, just maybe, gain citizenship. Most importantly, to live life to its fullest.

The Cajuns are wise people: they cry when you are born to acknowledge all the pain and grief awaiting you throughout life; your funeral is cause for celebration, rejoicing your accomplishments and newfound freedom from worldly burdens. Life is tough. And sometimes we are fortunate just to see tomorrow.


Chris said...

Remember, your one year older and one year wiser too. As I do try to live in my life those imortial owrds of Sigourney Weaver said in the movie Working Girl "You Make it Happen" Everything I have, my job, car, even house "I" had to make it happen. You will reach your goals I just know it and you will "Make it Happen". Plus on top of it your a super great friend to have all these years and love you very much and am here for you. Happy Birthday to you and Many Many more and as the commercial once said...You Come A Long Way Baby! Huggs!

Dragon said...

Very happy birthday to you. There is a tough world ahead but with patients, good friends by your side and determination, you will get through it. Interesting about the Cajuns, they have the right idea. :-)

Wonder Man said...

Now, Happy Birthday! I'm glad you're with us.

Buck said...

Happy Birthday!