Friday, April 4, 2008

No Rest for the Damned...

Want some peace and quiet? A restful retreat? Some time alone to gather your thoughts?

Why not lie in a grave for a little while?

At least that was the plan created by a vicar in Düsseldorf, Germany. Thorsten Nolting thought it might be a nice, "meditative exercise" for his parishioners. People would be permitted a seven-minute stay six feet under to contemplate the world above and resisting the "dark energy...weighing them down".

Of course, the local media ruined it for everyone.

Peace was disrupted by reporters and inquisitive journalists. The end result? Participants were leaving the graves more stressed than ever. They could not find solitude while being questions endlessly by the media about their experiences and had a difficult time blocking out the din from above. One local man was still shaking 20 minutes after emerging from the plot.

Perhaps cemeteries are only truly peaceful when you're dead.

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Chris said...

wow, well the grave stones do say RIP (Rest in Peace) and they mean that for a reason. Too bad the media cannot read for some reason!lol