Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Happy early birthday to me...

I'm being plagiarized in a very vulgar, crude, and careless manner.

I decided to check my email one last time before bed. To my surprise, I have an email from Chris Woodyard waiting for me. It appears an unscrupulous Ebay member decided to make some quick cash and has been reprinting my book, Haunted Cuyahoga, on cruddy, spiral-bound paper and selling copies!

Apparently, troop_211 hasn't just pinpointed me as her sole victim. She has also reprinted several other books, spiral-bound them, and is selling the fakes on the website.

No, I'm not taking this lying down. I have already contacted Lulu's copyright and intellectual copyright infringement department and am taking action... whatever can be done, at least.

I realize many of us are suffering from a worrisome economy, but last I checked, piracy is a major faux pas to say the very least! Hopefully something can be done. In the mean time, I'll see what Lulu has to say... and you can bet I'll be tracking down the other people being ripped off and notifying them immediately!

Seriously, I didn't need help in losing faith in humanity this year.


Liam said...

Alas, the fate of the creative, to be plagarized.

Nasty business, indeed! I'd get a lawyer!

Chris said...

Wow! that sucks, and yes I agree with Bill!

ghostsrmylife said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks again for alerting me of this guy. He was stealing my book the Beltsville Ghosts Guide to Hunting Ghosts. Ebay hasn't made it very easy to contact them about this if you are not an Ebay member but I managed to inform their security department about this. I've also got Lulu on it as well.

Were all those "books" he's selling Lulu books?

Scott Fowler
Beltsville Ghosts

no names please said...

That totally sucks. Do your best at contacting EBAY. I'll put in a complaint for you & get a lawyer.

Dragon said...

I agree, get a lawyer, that really sucks. People can be so low.

Buck said...

Heck, the pirate is small potatoes... go after eBay for allowing it in the first place. They open their doors to every scam on earth both buying and selling and just shrug and look the other way until hit with a major suit. They've got the deep pockets.