Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Last week, the Blackpool Gazette reported strange activity in a Lancashire home. The house on Windsor Avenue in Thornton has been the center of paranormal activity for decades. Previous residents told reporters of strange and terrifying phenomena as far back as 1971.

Frank Jones and his family moved in 20 years ago. Though they believed the stories were exaggerations, they soon learned that everything was true. Loud noises and bangs, strange smells, and floating mists were just a few of the nightly experiences. The family nicknamed the culprit The Thing.

Fleetwood Spiritualist Church was called in and "cleansed" the property of the entities. Everything went quiet... at least until five years ago when his son and wife passed away in a three-month span of time.

When Jones arrived home one evening, he noticed the scent of perfume accompanied by cigarette smoke. He immediately attributed the smells to Sadie, his wife. Just moments before entering the house, he received a missed call though his mobile phone didn't ring. It came from inside the house, though no one was home at the time.

Ever since, he and his family members have received text messages on their phones sporadically. They are generally statements and phrases which were commonly used by Sadie in life. No number will appear to trace the messages, though.

Sadie was very attached to her mobile phone. She was even buried with it. Though I'm sure by now the batteries are dead...


Buck said...

"No number will appear to trace the messages, though."

We're lucky to have a "spook" of a different sort on our team. He mentioned this at our picnic yesterday. The "not traceable" can be accomplished by using a prepaid throwaway phone card and dialing the 800 number from a cell. :-)

Chris said...

Very Creepy indeed. I am not sure how I would react with having text messages from the dead. Very good choice of article! Huggs!

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. I always want to check out places like that. Oh, a nice ending :-)