Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three Bedroom, Two Bath, One Demon...

After three long and agonizing years, homeowners Gaetano and Stefania Bastianelli of Spoleto, Italy have decided to sue the previous owners for failure to disclose certain problems with their house on Santo Chiodo Road. The foundation, plumbing, and structural details may be fine, but the haunting has been quite a nuisance.

The house was a steal at €120,000 in 2005. The previous family had even left all their furniture and belongings there... including the coffee cups! Not thinking twice about it, they purchased the dwelling immediately. Unfortunately, starting on the first night they spent in the house, they noticed peculiar things happening.

The hot water turned on in the bathroom, flooding the floor. By morning, the walls were coated in a "luminous green mould". Later, his daughter was awakened by rattling chains in the hallway. Both the lawnmower and Mrs. Bastianelli's car caught on fire on separate occasions for no known reason.

It seems the house is situated near an abandoned cemetery and an exorcism was performed in the house in 1977. Vatican officials cannot confirm that this was indeed the house, but local news reporters remember the incident. Pope John Paul II prayed for the young girl, which finally ended the nightmare.

Antonio Francesconi, the homeowner's attorney, says he expects the case to be settled out of court. Let's hope so, just in case Satan can't be reached as a material witness...

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Chris said...

Well thats a selling feature you don't want in the listing lol unless your Linda Blair lol Break out the Pea Soup!!!!!