Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...And the Price Isn't Out of This World

The housing market is down in the United States. There just aren't enough buyers for homes, so houses tend not to sell for high prices. Even if that house happens to look like a UFO.

That was the case for the 38-year-old "Space House" perched on the side of Signal Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee when it went up for auction on March 15th. The winning bid was $135,000 which surprised the auctioneer, Terry Posey. The new owner is a woman from Cincinnatti, Ohio.

The house sits atop six supports intended to look like landing gear. The staircase leading to the three-bedroom dwelling is fully retractable and there is enough space for at least two vehicles underneath.

These features apparently came in handy for a previous owner. During an argument with her husband, she left the home, raised the stairs, and parked his truck directly underneath, trapping him inside.


Chris said...

Interesting house, maybe this is the future of housing as land is getting scarce eventually there will be no more places to build. Maybe this may be the answer. Its also not bad looking at all either!

Liam said...

I'd buy a house like that in a heartbeat, but only if it came with an anal probe!

Anonymous said...

I saw this house on a TV special of most extreme homes. It was pretty cool looking inside also.