Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Take That" to Your Leader?

Robbie Williams has had a rough life: insecurity and self-esteem issues, weight problems, alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression. He has been to rehab and been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He has suffered a few album flops. And now, he's feeling like a change of life might do him well.

Something different. Something... paranormal?

Yes, Robbie is seriously contemplating putting down his microphone to pursue a subject that has always interested him: UFOs. He's planning on becoming a ufologist when he soon quits the music business.

During his early childhood, he recalls seeing strange lights in the sky over the UK. Later, while living in Los Angeles, he witnessed another unidentified object. The last sighting came shortly after composing a song about alien visitation.

Fans shouldn't be terribly shocked by the news. After all, he did have a "Close Encounters Tour" in 2006.

Robbie Williams as Fox Mulder? Stranger things have happened. We shall see what happens.

After all, "the truth is out there".


Chris said...

Interesting, that should be very entertaining. I will hae to look for that when it happens. And he is pretty cute so he would be easy to watch :-)

Liam said...

I have a feeling the UFO thing may take him out of the public eye, which is sad, because yes he is a cutie pie!

But his song Angels will always be popular at funerals.