Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just How Evil is Your Headmaster?

Back in January, I posted a story about a haunted school in Malaysia. Now, the struggle between the forces of the supernatural and the department of education have returned... on the other end of the globe.

This time, evil has struck South Africa.

Last week, classes were interrupted at Siyabonga Secondary School in Illovo. Students complained of an inexplicable sickness. Some fainted, screamed, vomited, or worse. The police were contacted when students attacked some of the teachers, demanding to see the principal.

According to the 11th grade students, he was a witch and invoked demons to effect the students.

Sounds strikingly similar to the Salem Witchcraft Trials which took place approximately 400 years ago in Massachusetts. those were caused by hysteria... this is probably no exception. It's interesting to see how little people actually change over the course of history...

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Anonymous said...

I watch this show on the Travel channel and this tribe on one of the islands that don't use tv or anything live in huts. They also believe that evil spirts can get them and in one show hid in there huts away from eachother for fear of the spirts.