Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Undead Political Graveyard...

Well, I'm keeping tabs on the primary elections tonight, just to see what is happening. Hillary already won Ohio... and it's looking like Texas too (as of a few minutes ago). If she does indeed win both, that means she's not out of the running yet. And I'll be glad.

Yes, I voted. Since I was an emergency poll worker, I was on call. Thankfully, with all the problems they were running into today, they didn't call me in. Though, of course, the money would have been very nice.

This is turning into quite an interesting election. Most Americans would be happy with either candidate, but I'll confess I voted for Hillary Clinton. Why? Well, for one it's a major chance to have a woman in office. I also liked her while she was First Lady, and she did reach out to people even back then. She seems to have an insider's perspective of how Washington and the presidency works so at the very least, she can tell what changes can be made and how. She has been attacked for getting defensive and attacking Obama, but if she were a man would we be taking that more lightly?

That's the tricky part of this campaign. Who you vote for will be scrutinized. If you vote Hillary, you might be a racist. If you vote Obama, you might be sexist. If you don't vote... well, then you're safe except for being an idiot for not voting in the first place.

Seriously. There's no excuse.

It seems like the younger crowd likes Obama. Also, judging by the exit polls, votes are also strongly divided along racial lines. Well, not so much on Hillary's side... that's all rather even. It makes us wonder: are we voting for one candidate because of who they are outside instead of inside? If both were white males, would the voting be different right now?

Sadly, it's the way people think. It's not about what's inside... the platform... past experience. It's white woman versus black man. Simply put. And that's how many people view it. Not all, but many.

Do I like Obama? Well, yes... but I disagree with him on some of his ideas. Health care... honestly, just making it "more affordable" and not universal? We're still the one "powerful" country that doesn't have universal health care. Shouldn't we try to be even with the rest of the world? And how exactly does he plan to make all these things happen? (Not to sound like Hillary) But I would like to see definitive plans, not just a pipe dream. And yes, Hillary does spell things out quite clearly on her website... she actually covers the "how" portion.

So, the lines are drawn but fading between the two. The race is neck-and-neck. Obama was gloating the other day over his latest victories.... now the two big states are letting him know that arrogance isn't pretty.

it's not over yet... and neither are the heated discussions between the candidates and the American people...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the factor of Hillary and the factor of how people view. I like Obahama more but I like Clinton too. I would love to see either one when the election. I could care less on color or gender but in know others don't. So in waying the two options I think Obahama has a better chance at beating Mccain then Clinton does. That is why I go more towards his side.

Liam said...

It will be interesting to see how this all comes out.

Of course as John Stewart said, "If we get a black or woman president how will we ever know movies are set in the future?"


Chris said...

This will be a interesting race and I am sure we will have a Democrat for President. Its even just logically there. We had 8 years of Republican rule so now by change we always go the opposite direction and give the Democrats a chance to rule. I don't think we will, at least for awhile, have the kind of shakeup we had in the 1980's with 12 years of Republican rule. But I can always be wrong lol The question is just which Democrat with have the job or will both come together and be president and vice president. :-)