Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wearing of the Green...

Well, it's Saint Patrick's Day around the globe. Many people will be drinking their green beer, wearing goofy-looking hats, and at least pretending to be Irish. Ironically, this day of general debauchery is in celebration of an Irish Catholic saint who lived from 390 to 461 AD (though the exact year is questionable, since our modern dating system was not developed until 525).

Green is a colour long associated with Ireland and the shamrock. However, it is not the traditional color for St. Patrick. It began being associated with this day some time in the mid-1700s, most likely to show Irish pride. In the 1800s, wearing green was a symbol of rebellion and could be punished by hanging. While other countries associate green with this holiday, Ireland does not.

If you want to show your true St. Patrick's Day spirit, you should wear blue.

Blue and gold represent the "Ancient Colours of Ireland". They are believed to be the colours worn by Saint Patrick and are still found on the Dublin coat of arms.

So if you see someone being attacked or ridiculed for wearing blue instead of green today, take a moment to correct the bully. In fact, the people wearing green are the ones who aren't being loyal to the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is interesting. I never knew that.

Chris said...

Wow! Never knoew that either, that is really interesting. Well next year I will have to wear blue and gold then and forget the Green. Shamrock shakes then should be blue then as well lol Maybe a Blue Raspberry flavor. hahaha!
Huge Huggs!

Liam said...

Don't listen to Chris, I created a monster, he's addicted to the shamrock shake now. Told me he stopped at MickeyD's yesterday to get one more shake before they were gone.

I am proud of my irish heritage, and hope to make it there one day to find the home of my ancestors!