Monday, March 3, 2008

Malfunctioning Internal Clocks and Fixed Trinkets

For the last few days, I've been getting up around 5:00 AM and finally falling asleep around 9 or 10 at night, Eastern Standard Time.

Australian Eastern Standard Time, that is.

Yes, my sleep patterns are horribly off, and today I'm trying to get back to my normal patterns. It's not easy. I've only had maybe four hours of sleep today, and I can feel it. I feel drained, sleepy, and nauseous.

Another week finally begins, and I'm feeling hopelessly optimistic about it. Tonight, I have a meeting to attend... tomorrow I'm on call for the election polls. Some part of me keeps thinking I have things going on the rest of the week, but my hazy mind can't wrap itself around it today.

The weather is shocking today: sunny and... that can't be right...63°F (17°C)??? Holy cow! No wonder there's a flood watch for the entire area. The snow will be melting today! Of course, there will be more of it in the next few days to replace it...

I hate Ohio.

Otherwise, aside from having a few down, dull moments this weekend I was rather productive. In fact, after waiting almost a decade, I fixed something of mine.

Back when I visited London in December of 1998, I stopped at a little stand (I believe it was at a train station) where a few artists set up a table of their wares. I bought a large, metal pin that was interesting and a bit humorous and put it on my coat almost immediately. A few days later, the fastener detached from the pin itself. I told myself I'd fix it... and threw it in my desk, only to forget about it.

I finally found the proper glue and reattached a different back onto it. This time, it seems solid enough, but we'll find out how long it lasts.

So much else to do today... and so little time to do it in. And my sleep deprivation isn't helping me face it all!

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