Thursday, March 6, 2008

What? More Snow??

According to the National Weather Service, there could be "blizzard-like conditions" over the next two days. What a perfect way to start the weekend. Hopefully this won't make my weekend a nightmare of being trapped indoors, unable to leave from the piles of snow heaped up against the door.

I would officially go insane if that happened.

But this is Ohio. This is that wonderful part of the United States where the weather changes before you know it. Where snow is followed by rain with a break of sun. Winters can be harsh and summers incredibly hot. We deal with extremes... and a lack of sunny days.

I ask myself very often why I live here. I have no good reason. I'd be happy with only seeing snow one day out of the year. I'm not terribly fond of extremes. I enjoy sunlight. The only positive thing is being so close to a national park. But we need better weather to make it more enjoyable.

Honestly, I don't see myself living in Ohio permanently. I wouldn't want to be here until the end. People ask me all the time where I would want to be, and I can never give a definite answer. Florida? Maybe.. I've never been there to know. California? Ditto. Arizona? Heck no! Too hot and too far from water. Georgia? Well, maybe Savannah... but I could do without hurricanes. London? If I could afford it, maybe. Paris? No thanks... not that I in any way dislike the French, but I don't care for big, busy cities.

Somewhere nice. Somewhere with pleasant people. Somewhere near water. And definitely with some eye candy.

Obviously, I'm skirting the issue. my ultimate, dream, "I have to live there before I die" place?

Melbourne, Australia.

I've heard that out of all the cities on the eastern coast of Australia, Melbourne is the most beautiful. Of course, I need to find out for myself. I do seriously hope to finally make my way "down under" within the next few years. Sooner, if luck finally falls in my favour. There is no point in denying that I'm an aussiephile (though that actually being a word is debatable). I love the history, the culture, the lay of the land... and it doesn't hurt to have an incredible friend living there (well, not in Melbourne, but you know what I mean).

As I awaken to the white glow from the window, I know my thoughts will wander to bright beaches, cool breezes, and perhaps a koala or two...


Anonymous said...

Austrlia would be nice, however their weather conditions in most areas are almost identical as Ohio's. How about Hawaii? Nice weather, on the water, lots of things to do and best of all lots of eye candy.

Liam said...

And don't forget EXPENSIVE AS HELL!!

Myself, I'm opting for Northern California. Moderate temperatures, definitely near the ocean, the chance to see Bigfoot, why it's all perfect!

Chris said...

I always enjoyed New England and Maine, but thier winters really suck bad. Alot of snow and Noreasters storms off the ocean. I guess there I would turn into Mrs Fletcher with big preppy glasses and eating Clam Chowder and talking to Amos, the local policeman. Of course all the murders and dead bodies all around me everywhere I go I would have to contend with and so many mysteries to solve lol oh well hahaha!
Warm Ohio Huggs!