Friday, March 28, 2008

Ghouls and Goals...

When most people think of England, two things come to mind: ghosts and football.

(No, not that "American football"... normal football (i.e. soccer). You know, what the rest of the globe calls football? The sport that actually involves your feet?)

Among England's many football leagues and teams is Arsenal, part of the Premier League. Their goalkeeper, Spaniard Manuel Almunia, recently received special permission to return to his Hertfordshire home for lunch with his wife in Abbots Langley. Ana doesn't like being home alone.

Apparently, their house is haunted.

She has heard chains rattling and witnessed the stereo volume changing on its own. The most terrifying experience occurred one night when the figure of a monk carrying a candle appeared at the foot of their bed.

The couple believes the home was built on the original location of Leavesden Hospital. This mental institution was constructed in 1867 and was mostly demolished in 1995. Only the administrative block, recreation hall, and chapel remain.


Chris said...

Very interesting, does the property have those building on it still and did he and his wife purchase all remaining buildings? I am sure they built the house on the rest of the land. Very creepy, and really creepy to have a Monk at the foot of the bed. Sometimes Monks kinda wig me out for some reason, not sure why? Very good story!!! Warm Huggs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wouldn't mind seeing ghosts but seeing a monk ghost, even monks that are alive are creepy.