Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Kent Ghost...

Apparently, Marvin Kent has more than one connection to haunted places.

After the construction of the Kent Depot, he created his glorious mansion in 1884 on the hillside overlooking the town. Marvin's son, William, moved into the large brick house along with his wife, Kitty. Within two years, tragedy would strike and effect their lives forever.

It was the year 1886. The Kent family was planning another elaborate Memorial Day celebration, as had become their custom. As the evening drew nearer and guests filled the house, Kitty climbed the stairs to the third floor ballroom. There was a slight chill to the air and to please her guests, she lit the kerosene stove to warm the space for an evening of dancing.

Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong. The stove burst into flames, throwing fire onto Mrs. Kent. Family members ran to her rescue after hearing her agonizing screams. The flames were doused and she her horrible wounds were treated as best as was possible. She lingered on for a few days before passing away. Since the Kent family owned the local newspaper, they kept the affair private and away from the press. William later remarried and continued living at the home until his own death.

For almost a hundred years, residents and college students have reported an apparition gliding past the upstairs windows. it is believed to be Kitty, dressed in white, wandering the rooms by candlelight. The third floor has been closed off for many years, so the presence of anyone is next to impossible. Unfortunately, no one has been permitted to fully investigate the ghost. It is now a Masonic Temple and cameras and camcorders have not been permitted in the upstairs rooms.


Chris said...

Wow, interesting story and history. Is this the building you told us about if we could get SIGHT a investigation? If so that would be so great. I would love to know more about the history of this building and the spirit activity. Very interesting and mysterious!
Huggs to ya! :-)

Liam said...

Great story! At least her ghost isn't running around on fire, talk about how horrible that would be!