Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stop Dying Already!

A new ordinance in Sarpourenx, France is no laughing matter for Mayor Gerard Lalanne. The town's cemetery has run out of room for graves and there are no plans for expansion.

So, 70-year-old Lalanne has made a bold statement: if you haven't bought a plot by now, it's too late. "All [other] persons... are forbidden from dying in the parish."

Find somewhere else to die, people. We won't tolerate you dying in this town!

Think it's a joke? He added, "Offenders will be severely punished."

I wonder, is there really a fate worse than death?


Chris said...

Wow, Interesting! I guess they still torture you in the afterlife. I guess what comes to mind is a quote from the movie "First Monday in October" a saying from Walter Matthau to Jill Clayburgh "If you don't quit, I wont Die" lol

Anonymous said...

WOW LMAO. That was so funny!! That is trully crazy too! Maybe he reserves a seat next to the devil himself if you die in his parish. You never know.