Monday, March 10, 2008

Come Out with Your Hands Up!

Apparently, Benedictine Monks find better ways of passing their time than singing chants and restoring old manuscripts. We only bother to notice something strange when the police get involved.

And so it happened in Wuerzburg, Germany. A monk was arrested for stealing adult movies.

Gay adult movies.

A clerk noticed the 49-year-old man trying to smuggle movies out of the store. He fled, throwing the films in the trash on his escape. After catching him and examining his room at the monastery, authorities found a treasure trove of about 230 gay porn films.

I doubt his buddies at Maria Laach Abbey were very pleased. It's the most scandalous news to come from the monastery's 900-year history since its controversial Nazi relations in World War II.

Maybe he should have just gone with winemaking instead. Who knows... after a few bottles of a nice potent potable among his colleagues, he may not have needed any fantasy films...


Liam said...

The only things that would make that story any cooler would be if the monk in question WAS a nazi and was planning to get a sex change operation.

Monastery's must be really boring places, and let's face it, the cloth has been a place for queers to hide forever!

Chris said...

Maybe that is why they wear those loose robes, its so much easier to jack off when they watch thier gay porno!! Oh thought that was just the normal protocall lol Hugs!