Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Just the Garden Variety...

Residents of the Argentinean town of General Guemes are gripped by fear. Something has been seen, lurking in the darkness and terrorizing the locals. What sort of hideous creature could plague a neighborhood and keep people indoors after night falls?

A gnome.

Yes, a small figure wearing a pointy hat and "walking sideways like a crab". Making strange noises. Throwing stones.

Juan Alvarez and his other teenage friends were hanging out near a cemetery when they spotted the dwarf or "midget-like creature". They were scared—so scared that one of them had to be taken to the hospital. Other townspeople have since come forward with similar reports.

And so the panic spreads.

Luckily, he had his mobile phone handy and was filming his friends at the time of the incident. Watch the heart-pounding footage for yourself:

I would think that watching the movie 'Trolls' would have been a far more frightening experience, but I'm sure "you just had to be there".

Gnomes are actually taciturn mythical creatures from German folklore believed to live underground and guard buried treasure. They are commonly categorized as earth elementals, or creatures attuned with the ground.

Have gardeners finally gone too far? Is it a Travelocity gimmick? Have we pushed little people over the edge?

You decide.


Liam said...

Don't Cry for Me Argentina, the truth is I bring you great trip deals!

hehehehe, this is the most whacked out news story I've heard of in years.

If that happened in America they'd shoot the damn thing first and ask questions later!

Chris said...

lol I totally agree with Bill on this one. That is such a funny and wacked up story! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Nice, if you hear of one that talks about Gremlins being found, see if you can get me Gizmo. I love that little guy, he is so cute. Yeah people have to much time on there hands. Too funny!!