Wednesday, March 12, 2008

With Special Guest, Sasquatch...

Bigfoot has been sited again. This time, it wasn't a team of investigators who shot footage of a mysterious creature. It was a group of hunters filming for a television program.

Easton Bowhunting set up a series of cameras triggered by motion ("stealthcams") in Colorado looking for black bear. When they later reviewed the footage, there was something else in the left side of the frames.

Take a peek for yourself:

Both the cast and crew are skeptics. Many are doubtful that had this been a mere stunt by a crew member it would have been allowed to go public like this. All anyone can agree on is that there's something that doesn't belong there... and it's not a bear.


Liam said...

That was a little creepy...with technology these days I'm surprised more solar powered motion cams aren't set up in remote locations in the woods.

Chris said...

That would be an idea, to have those setup in different locations. Maybe SIGHT will have to get into the Bigfoot search as well!