Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab, And I Said "Your Mother Sucks C**ks in Hell!"

Poor Amy Winehouse. She has so many problems. If only someone could come along and save her.

Never fear! Reverend Robert Larson is ready!

Ready for what? Well, he believes Winehouse is in serious need of an exorcism.

Larson, leader of the Spiritual Freedom Church in Denver, is the world's foremost exorcist. With over 10,000 in his portfolio, he seems qualified for the job. Coincidentally, he is also starting a new series, "The Real Exorcist" for television.

To say this is a publicity stunt is a bit obvious.

I know Winehouse seems to have a soulless gaze about her, but possessed?

According to Larson, there are other troubles souls in our midst. Even in Hollywood. Who else needs to have Satan ripped from their body? Britney Spears.

That could explain so much.


Liam said...

Great musician, but definitely something wrong with her!

Chris said...

lol well yea there is, the good reverend is going to Exorcise her lol Get rid of her foul musical demons I guess lol but I agree great musician!

Anonymous said...

Genius and madness co-exist in the same space. Hope she doesn't off herself. As for Britney, well, she is just a troubled gal. Must have been that being pushed into showbiz
at an early age.

As for exorcism, I wanna see someone hurl some pea soup.