Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paranormal Investigators: We Know Drama

Many people watch shows like Ghost Hunters and think, "Gosh, that looks like fun! getting together with people, investigating ghosts, having fun... I want to do that too!"

I really wish that were the case.

Yes, investigating hauntings can be fun, rewarding, and sometimes even a bit lucrative. But just as with any hobby or career, it has plenty of pitfalls.

Media, be it print or television, isn't always a blessing. Some reporters misconstrue words and twist storylines to follow their own private agenda. Occasionally, journalists will appear to have the best intentions, but once the story is published it has a negative stance. Reporters will make mistakes. They will use hype to over-dramatize statements, evidence, or tales. It comes with the territory... after all, ratings and good reviews can mean the difference between a feature story and being sent into a hurricane miles away, never to be seen again. There are plenty of decent, well-respected reporters in the world, but that doesn't mean they're all of good character.

Then you have the curious: the visitors and trespassers eager to catch a glimpse of something. In an effort to experience something, some bystanders can get in the way, ruining audio and video with too much "noise" or interfering with serious work. Then you have to contend with the authorities, who won't necessarily believe that you haven't voluntarily brought your own entourage. Some less-than-polite people will take souvenirs or leave marks to show their presence at a location. Ultimately, these actions can terminate any possible work... sometimes permanently. If law enforcement officials or owners feel the property or location is becoming threatened, no one may be allowed to return... even the serious investigators.

Some of the worst damage comes from within. Fellow investigators and group members. Many people may not fully understand the politics involved in most organizations of this nature. People become power-hungry. Disagreements lead to fights and coups. Fairness is forsaken for greed. People want to be equal while dictating demands to everyone else. Feelings get hurt. Feuds break out. Internal struggles tear apart groups and cause people to forget why they do what they are doing. People fail to work as a team... to work together toward a common goal.

Over the last 13 years, I've experiences each of these. Some of them I still experience. This doesn't mean that everyone involved in the world of the supernatural will have issues and problems. If you genuinely are interested in ghosts and aren't out for personal gain or glory, you will do fine. caution is a wise stance to have, both in dealing with the living and the dead. And, of course, a sense of humor can save you from most negative situations.

If you're not in it for the fun, excitement, and satisfaction that comes with hard work, then you just might be in the wrong line of work...


Liam said...

Hear, Hear!! I agree wholeheartedly on this one!

Chris said...

lol we groups only disagree out of love!! haha!

Dragon said...

Regardless of the work, it would still be fun and interesting.