Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dead and Breakfast

When a building is haunted, most people try their best to ignore or deny the presences.

Not Goodwin House Bed & Breakfast in Burton, Ohio. They welcome the spirits. And don't mind talking about them.

This 1828 house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by Dr. Erastus Goodwin and most of the structure remains original, right down to the woodwork and foundation. The innkeepers quarters may date back as far as 1814. A few guests and paranormal investigators have reported unusual experiences, especially in the dining room. Robyn Morris, the innkeeper, heard her name called by an unknown person.

Of course, there are a few other hauntings in town. At least one spirit ("Peter") is said to haunt Full Spectrum Art Studio. Burton Fox Inn, a former restaurant and boarding house in the southwest corner of Burton Square, is haunted by a little boy named "Charlie". Belle's Colonial Restaurant has been plagued by mysterious footsteps.

The Goodwin House, along with several other local haunts, will once again be a stop for the "Ghosts of Burton Historical Tour" on October 18th and 25th, so mark your calendars! Last year, the tour sold out so if you're interested be sure to reserve tickets as soon as they're available! The cost of the tour is $18 for adults. Call (440) 834-5050, email, or visit


Seen This Scene That said...

A spooky and interesting blog you have!
Thanks for visiting my site.

Chris said...

Wow! this sounds like a great place to go, maybe we should see if all of us in SIGHT can go there and investigate the place. Plus it sounds like a real nice and charming Inn as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was in the building connected to Belle's one day & was pushed down the stairs. And yes, I was the only one there. The Burton Fox is upo for sale if anyone is interested. I was there one night drinking and dancing & got to see Charlie. The fire house is also haunted by one of the previous chiefs. Had an experience there also. What was I doing hanging in Burton you ask? I used to live in that area.