Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We've Got Stars Directing Our Fate...

Robbie Williams is back in the news again. He is not backing down on his goal of becoming a ufologist. In fact, his latest actions show the dream is finally coming to fruition.

He has begun a shopping excursion, looking into buying an observatory. And reportedly, he may spend around £2.5 million (US$5 million) for it! What was once viewed as a farce and a silly attention plea is now looking more like an ambitious venture. He has even been visiting a telescope in the Arizona desert to quench his desire to explore outer space from the comfort of earth.

Call him insane but we should all give him credit for his pursuit. After all, we once believed the sun revolved around the earth. Science fiction always retains the possibility of becoming science fact.

With billions of solar systems dotting the galaxies and trillions of planets floating around in the universe, it would be absurd to believe that earth is the only populated one. As for space travel, that is still debatable.

It could be possible and we can't rule out the slight probability. There is a chance that other life forms somewhere are far more advanced than we are.


Anonymous said...

I believe that you can never say something isn't possible unless you put absoulte fact behind it. Anything is possible. Do I believe UFOs come around the earth where people can see them, doubt it but again it is possible. I do absolutly believe that there is life on other planets. Like you said with so many planets, hard to believe that we are the only ones.

Liam said...

100 points for using last weekends word du jour!!!!

Chris said...

Just like the world of the paranormal and Ghosts. We are all here including me, trying to find answers. And this topis we are doing the same. We need to find the answers and I believe we will. I and we all should have a open mind to the many wonders we have on this planet. We should always question everything too and always try to seek the truth. Huggs!