Friday, March 14, 2008

Please Record Your Message After the Beep...

The weekend is finally here!

I'll be taking a much-needed break from cyberspace to deal with real life and the company of good friends. Since I won't be here Saturday, I'm pre-posting tomorrow's entry for simplicity's sake. It'll feel good to be among the living again, and see those people whom I haven't seen in quite some time!

Meanwhile, provided the technical glitches don't cause too much trouble, the next Yabbering Yank column will be posted in the next few days. This one could get interesting! Be sure to check my GenerationQ column this weekend and see what I have to say about un-America!

My regular blogging should return on Sunday. Spooked! will tackle the world of emo kids! Stay tuned for those interesting babblings!

Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend wherever you are... and take a little break to enjoy life... or death, if you prefer!

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